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The pantry post

So this project came up on a whim, I was actually browsing a thrift store where I saw a bin of wallpapers and saw this really pretty floral wallpaper, but turns out it wasn't really wallpaper, it was just contact paper. I remember seeing that exact paper at the dollar tree and was admiring the pattern, but couldn't think of what to use it for. But then it hit me, why not use this contact paper as wallpaper for my pantry. So, I drove the exact speed limit over to the closest Dollar Tree on my lunch break and bought all the stock they had. I got home that evening and immediately started wallpapering.

This is gorgeous the paper that I used from the dollar tree.

it's Con-Tact brand and comes in rolls of 18 x 24 and after running out the first night, I stopped at another dollar tree and found it there too! The contact paper is sticky but in a few corners it needed some extra help, so I grabbed a glue stick to dab on a few of the corners that wouldn't stick. I found that it is easier to adhere the paper when you remove the backing on the entire roll and then stick it where you want it to go. It was easy to remove and restick even if you applied it crooked 5 times in a row, I may or may not be speaking from experience here. Using this contact paper on the pantry was a perfect application for this type of paper because I didn't have to match up too much of the pattern. The shelves broke up most of the pattern. It's not wallpaper, so the sides aren't meant to match up exactly, but most of the rolls were cut pretty similarly so it was easy to match up the pattern. The only place I had trouble matching up pattern was above the top shelf. The top shelf is about 6 ft high and the top of the ceiling is about 9 ft. It took the most time matching the pattern above the top shelf, but it wasn't that bad and it was totally worth it. I just used an xacto knife to cut the paper and then glue any edges down that weren't sticking well.

I am curious to see the longevity of the contact paper on the walls. It's a pantry so the walls really wont get a lot of wear, but we do have two kids and kids can tear up something pretty in no time at all, so I will definitely report back on how the contact paper holds up in this space. I used 18 rolls of contact paper and at a dollar a roll this project came in under 20 bucks! The thing is, if I hate it in a week, or a month then I can easily remove it, because it's just contact paper. I have a hard time committing to design ideas that are big and bold because I hate wasting money & effort, but this project was super easy and only took a couple of days after work and one Saturday Morning. In addition to the wallpaper, I also painted the interior of the pantry door a flat black. I really love that it looks totally normal from the outside, but when you open the pantry you see this black door and the fun wallpaper.

It's been about a month since I finished this project and wrote the first part of this blog post. (I'm pretty terrible at updating this thing) The contact wallpaper has definitely held up well so far. I had one side of the very top near the ceiling that had started falling, and I used my trusty glue stick on the edges and it hadn't moved since. I think it's my favorite $20 project in the house.

Now, go check out the Dollar Tree for this contact paper!

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