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Playroom Projects

We moved into our home two months ago, and I always have such a hard time doing renovation in the beginning. Where do you start, what do you do first, which rooms get priority. I tend to do a little bit of every room and bounce around a little, but that doesn't make for good blog post progress because rooms tend to take longer to get completed when I don't focus on one room. I also like to really think about every aspect of the renovation to ensure that we think of everything. I've made plenty of mistakes in our first house where we did a renovation project and well it didn't really work out because we didn't think it through. 

I'm really trying to focus my energy on the playroom this week. I've spent time in that room just sitting and watching the kids and how they play and use this space. I really want to design the room to work around how they already play and make it comfortable for them, but still allow a pretty space that is nice to look at. I think in all of our homes we are always striving for a balance of form and function.

One thing I am already redoing in this space is new window treatments. The curtains that are currently in the space just aren't working with how my kids play (My kids had them ripped out of the wall within TWO DAYS) Don't they know that you aren't supposed to actually play in the play room! We are going to work on some roman shade style window treatments for this space instead. Also working on adding doors on the IKEA storage shelves we already have in the space to hide all of those toys! 

Here's a picture of the playroom before we moved in. 

Can't wait to show you what we transform the space this weekend! 

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