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Outdoorsy Interior for kids!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Kid's rooms are probably my favorite spaces to decorate, so when my friend asked me to help me with her son's, I was so excited. This little boy is almost two and quickly outgrowing his nursery and needed a big boy room to start his journey into the Two's. She really wanted a fun bed that set low to the ground, so we set our sites on Pinterest to come up with some fun ideas. She loved all of the wooden house beds, but wanted it a little different. So we built a floor bed and put our own little twist on it.

We came up with the idea of a tee pee bed and went through several inspo pics. I started throwing out ideas and we came up with a design that was functional but still oh so cute. We then employed Chris to build the bed. I'm working on a full tutorial of how we built this fun little bed, but while he was building, I was working on all the finishing touches.

This is just a standard toddler bed size. The back of the bed is a is white board, but the front is fabric and it can be adjusted to three different levels. Above is the highest level , and below is the mid level. The fabric can even be completely removed to be washed.

The tent goes all the way to the ground as well so when a imaginative little one wants to play fort, his bed easily accommodates that!

For the mountains on the wall we used this Scotch brand wash tape to tape off the mountains on the wall. I just free handed them and I love how they really elevate the look of this space.

The pillow covers are ones that I made and you can find the tutorial in my instagram- instastories.

I think this room turned out so cute. We have a few more things to accomplish in this room, Curtains and shelves are coming, but I am so in love with this little big boy room.

I think the little big boy likes it too!

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