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How we built it: Toddler Tent Bed

In a previous post I showed you this finished toddler tent bed that we made for friends of ours. Today I am going to break it down and show you exactly how we made it!

First: The base of the bed. We measured the toddler mattress to get our dimensions. We wanted the mattress to fit snug inside the bed with minimal gaps, so we kept that in mind when we made our cuts. Then we were off to home depot for some wood. We bought three 1x6's to make the base of the bed. The corners were cut at 45 degree angles and secured together with the nail gun. We then also took metal corner brackets and secured them for an extra measure since this is for a toddler.

Next, now this part is totally optional, you can totally put the mattress on the ground inside the base, but we wanted the bed to sit slightly over the lip of the wood base. So we built a lip around the bottom of the base for a piece of plywood to sit on.

After we built the base, we started on the frame of the tent. We purchased four 1 x 3 x 6 common boards from Home Depot. We held the 1x3 boards in an X pattern against the base of the base and determined where he wanted the peak of the bed will go. We then drilled a pilot hole in one of the boards where the middle of the X will go. We used the initial board as a template to drill the holes in the subsequent boards to be sure the holes were all drilled at the same height. After the holes were drilled we secured each pair of boards together with a screw and held them up to the side of the base. The 1x3 boards will overhang the base on the front and back side of the bed due to the angle of the top of the boards. We wanted to cut off the portion of the boards overhanging base to make it flush.

Then we move on to the center brace piece. Measure and cut the center brace to length (this is the length between the two X frame boards- also the total length of the bed) and drilled pilot holes in each side of the cross brace piece and then screwed from the outside of the X frame into the cross brace. After the cross brace piece is attached we secured the bottom of the X frame pieces into the base with screws.

Once we got the frame all completed, we were ready to start on the fun tent part! First we added a white backer board on the back of the tent bed (this can be found in the molding or interior paneling section at home depot) We then purchased some copper pipe brackets (used to hold piping to studs) these were placed on the backer board and screwed into the frame to hold a dowel rod. This is what is going to hold the fabric to the back of the bed, but allow it to come off to be washed or changed out to a different fabric.

Then we measured and drilled two holes at different intervals down the front frame of the bed. This will hold another dowel rod at the front of the bed to hold the fabric at different heights.

We cut down the top of the X a little and sanded the edges to make them a little rounder.

I sewed two pockets on each side of a piece of fabric and inserted them in each dowel rod (one on the front and one on the back). And then we just painted the base of the bed white and the frame of the bed black. and that's it! It was super easy and was less than 100 bucks in materials! That's a steal for a custom kid's bed!

If you decide to make this bed, I want to see so send them to me or tag me on social media so I can see your beautiful creations!

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