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Drama Llama

Ok, playroom progress has been SLOW going this week. There has been multiple cousin sleepovers over the past week and it's hard to work on a playroom that is occupied by all the kiddos. On the bright side, I got to watch how the kids used the playroom so I can tweak my design to work around how they play. 

One thing I was able to get done is some llama art. These are llamas from my dad's farm. I took this photo in June when we were up in Oklahoma visiting my dad. Miss millie is obsessed with them & they even let her feed them!

In this same visit I was able to capture this photo of the lovely llamas. 

I searched everywhere for a fun picture to put in the kids playroom, but when my search came up empty, I started looking through my photos to see if I had anything that could work. There was something about this photo that I just found quirky and fun. If you look closely the front llama (Humphrey) appears to be smiling. How could I not put grandpa's smiley llama's on the wall. 

I used this tutorial to have the photo blown up into a larger size and this tutorial to build the frame to go around our new playroom art. 

Isn't it the cutest! 


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